Disgusting New Republican Plot:

The Truth about the "Marzipan Babies"


Really there are no limits to what they will try to pull off.   In their quest for total world domination, there is no longer anything they hold sacred.  I myself feel safer living overseas, but how long will it be before they get to me too?  Where is my country heading?


But maybe maybe you haven't seen today's DP wire, so you don't know what I'm talking about.  Here's the supposedly "cute" email that started it all.  I got this it my inbox, and was almost taken in:




Is this amazing or what!!!  I am so impressed, I wanted to share them.


Marzipan Babies


Thought you'd be as fascinated with these as I was.  These are made with marzipan . . . really unbelievable!  While some of the faces may look "crafted" rather than "real", every detail is amazing, and the rest looks VERY real.










Yeah, when I first received the "Marzipan Babies" Forward, I too thought it was just cute--just another bit of Internet flotsam meant to provoke a smile.  That someone could make something so realistically human from marzipan was pretty amazing.  But still there was something unsettling about the pictures, something that nagged in the mind. 


Well it seems I wasn't the only one who felt it.  Now the crack journalists at the Disassociated Press have uncovered the sordid truth.


The initial photos were probably just a leak from inside the government, someone inside the project trying to alert the public to what's going on.  In any case, soon after the email made the rounds the Urban Legends page Snopes.com came out with an article that made the half-baked point that these babies were NOT in fact made of marzipan--no, they were made rather from a kind of polymer clay.  I mean: Duh!  Of course they're not marzipan.  Anyone who's worked with marzipan would know--it's not nearly malleable enough to create such detail!


But the Snopes article is just a cover-up.  It's been proven.  Because in fact these babies are not marzipan or clay.  No--they're REAL.


It was Mike Hunt at the Disassociated Press who finally uncovered the truth.  These supposedly "candy" babies are part of a super-race of microhumans being developed by the CIA in a project under Jeb Bush.  The babies have been designed to be able to fly in under the wire and cast innumerable Republican ballots without leaving a trace.  Their super-low-IQ microbrains will ensure absolute fidelity to something called "The Project for a New World" (PNW), a project that, as far as Hunt's sources can tell, began the day George W. was inaugurated.  The PNW has been directing this baby project and who knows what other diabolical plots ever since that day.


Though run by the CIA, the PNW operates under cover of FEMA--yes, the very same FEMA that was out to lunch when Katrina destroyed New Orleans.  Apparently FEMA has been busy working on the microbabies project while they ignore natural disasters.  How is that for tax dollars well spent!  Remember that Michael Brown of FEMA--the guy who got such criticism after Katrina?  People might know he was a horse trader and friend of the Bushes, people might know he was never qualified to deal with natural disasters in the first place, but what they don't know is that Michael Brown has a PhD. in genetics.  Yes--a friend of the Bushes with a PhD.!  That in itself should have set off buzzers. 


Hunt's article reveals it all.  Brown is one of the scientists who's been designing these IQ-challenged, supposedly "cute" Republican babies that will be deployed to take over THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD!!! 


What, you don't believe it? . . .  What? . . . Well, go ahead then, laugh all you want, but just you wait till it comes time to vote in the 2008 election and there are armies of these disgusting little pink things swarming all over the ballot boxes, covering the hallways and causing you to slip on the stairs as you go in to cast your vote. You won't be laughing then!


So you thought Katrina was just incompetence?  Wake up, America!  Wake up and smell the coffee before it's TOO FUCKING LATE!!!


Eric Mader

March 2007



-----It was Mike Hunt at the Disassociated Press that broke this conspiracy. 

He also lays out what we now know about the PNW.  For the article, click HERE.-----


-----For the Snopes article, see: http://www.snopes.com/photos/arts/marzipan.asp -----






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