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Golden Thread Classics:


Vlad in Taipei (A Vampire Story)

Life of Steven (A Vampire Story)

Eric's Alligators

Dialogues of the Half-Dead: Hank Hu and the Ogos Project

The Epic of Ken the Garbage Man


Golden Thread at John Duncan English:


Godzilla and Genius Mike (In the Belly of the Beast)

In Chinese

(translated by Alice Liao)


"Godzilla and Genius Mike" by Class J195


"Godzilla and Genius Mike" by Class S139


"Godzilla and Genius Mike" by Class 702 (at Elite English)




Eric Goes to the Beach




Hans and Gunther's Party


Hans and Gunther's Fashion Show




The Juice and the Mushrooms




L.B.T. and the Charliefish






Mr. Tsao's Skull



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 Judy Lin's Page


Yana Lin's Page


Terry's Page


Rita Tanaka's Page



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The Odyssey According to Judy Lin

Basics on Homer's Iliad and Odyssey

Greek Vase Paintings: Scenes from the Odyssey

The Charm of the First Icelanders







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