The Book of Consolation:

A Meditation on Jesus' Words in the Four Gospels and in the Gospel of Thomas


Do not be troubled in your heart.

     I don't say this of my own accord.

     There is another who knows where you are going, knows the meaning of your movements here, how you've been thrown into this world.  It is the same with all of us.

     Do not be troubled.

     Your choices are not fated, not fixed.  Your choices will find their ground if you realize.

     I don't merely "hold faith" in this.  It is something I know.  I know my right hand has five fingers.  And I know this.

     There will be wars, disasters, revolutions.  And you will be there after it all. 

     Your laughter and your giving heart: these are the signs of your permanence.

     There was a man who poured just this water into parched throats.  And they became drunk on what he poured.  And they realized.

     This water is the drink of the new Kingdom. 

     Those who seek the Kingdom in the sky will not find it.  For if it is in the sky, the birds will get there before us.  Those who seek it in the sea will not find it.  If it is in the sea, the fish are there already.  Those who believe they will enter the Kingdom upon death, having known nothing of it in life, will not enter it.  Deferring the Kingdom far ahead, they forgo their chance of entering it.  The Kingdom is not waiting in some elsewhere.

    Those who look for signs or ask, 'When will it be?'  'How will we know it is coming?'--they will wait in vain.  Because the Kingdom is already present, if only they will see it.  The Kingdom is inside you, if you only will realize it.

     Part of you was made in God's image.  A seed of God is in you.  The breath of life was breathed into you, not merely air.

     All in you must organize itself around this seed.  You are here to seek the Kingdom, to allow it to come about.  It comes about as the seed in you takes root.  To realize this is to enter the Kingdom and to bring the Kingdom into the world.

     The water of His word is given to bring the seed within you to sprout.

     Do not be troubled in your heart.  Your throat is not parched.  That which is permanent in you waits to be awoken. 

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