Eric's Alligators

by Lisa Cheng

Eric went back to Florida this summer. He went to see his family and his alligators. When he was little, he played with small alligators all day. So he loved alligators very much. Just like a friend.

When Eric had to come back to Taiwan, he thought that he would miss his alligators. And he planned to bring back his pets. Eric put three alligator eggs in his suitcase.

In the airport the police just thought that Eric was crazy so he carried three eggs. They thought they were from chickens.

Eric had a long flight, and then he went back to his apartment. He opened the suitcase and there were three cute little alligators! Eric was surprised. He put them under his bed.

Next day, Eric took some meat from the refrigerator to the alligators. Every day he bought a lot of meat. His wife noticed that Eric bought a lot of meat, but he didn't eat it. But next morning the meat was gone. She thought that was strange but she didn't ask him.

Eric bought meat every day, until one night the alligators were grown up. They needed more meat. But Eric didn't give them more meat. So they decided to eat Eric. Next morning the alligators disappeared, and Eric had disappeared too. After that day no one saw Eric any more.

Because the alligators thought Eric was delicious, they lived the rest of their lives in Taipei eating other American English teachers like Eric. This is why the kids in Taipei like alligators so much.







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